Book Donations

The Library appreciates your donations of books in good used condition. Please do not leave book donations in the book drop or outside the Library. 

Donations may be brought into the Library – 2 bags at a time – during normal business hours.


Books must be free of mildew, mold, water damage and dirt. They should not have excessive spine damage or have missing covers or pages. 

» Children’s books

» Hardcover fiction and nonfiction 

» Paperback fiction and nonfiction 

» DVDs with original case and case art; all discs should be present for a series.

» Books on CD with original case and case art

» CDs with original case and case art

» Video games with original case and case art.

The Library cannot accept

» Textbooks

» Cassette or VHS tapes

» Anthologies (Reader’s Digest, etc.)

» Dictionaries or Encyclopedias 

» Advanced reading or free copies of a book 

» Magazines

These policies were reviewed and approved by the library Board of Trustees.