1 - Go to the CATALOG (clicking on this link, will open the catalog in a new tab)

2 - Click on MY ACCOUNT in the top right-hand corner of the page.

3 - Enter your Little Silver Library card number in the box, it will begin with 8004. There is no pin.

4 - Click on LOG IN

5 - Click on the CHECKOUTS tab. You will then be able to select individual titles or renewal or renew all materials. 

6  - Once you have selected the items for renewal click on RENEW


Do not panic. Call the library to clarify the issue and see if a staff member can renew it. It is probably due to one of the following reasons:

1 - Your library card's privilege may need to be renewed. We do this every few years to keep up with your contact information.

2 - Your card may be barred. This happens if you have accrued $10.00 or more on your account or if you have overdue items.

3 - The item has a hold on it for another patron.

4 - It is an Inter-library Loan or borrowed from the County Library System.

5 - If the item has been renewed twice already, the computer will not allow you to renew it.