You have three options to renew your materials. You may come in person, call the library at 732-747-9649, or do it online.


» Go to the Catalog.

» Click on MY ACCOUNT in the upper right-hand corner

» Enter your Little Silver Library card number in the box. It will begin with 8004. There is no pin. 

» Click on Log In

» Click on the Checkouts tab

» You can select titles individually or you can check select all.

» Click on Renew.

If your items do not renew online

Do not panic. Call the library to clarify the issue and see if a staff member can renew it. It is probably due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Your library card’s privilege may need to be renewed. We do this every few years to keep up with your contact information.
  2. Your card may be barred. This happens if you have accrued $10.00 or more on your account or if you have overdue items.
  3. The item has a hold on it.
  4. It is an Inter-library Loan or borrowed from the County Library System.
  5. If the item has been renewed twice already, the computer will not allow you to renew it.