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catalog homepage

finding your way around

This section details the links found in the header of the catalog home page.

using the homepage

The library catalog home page allows you access to any content the library has set up.

searching the catalog

searching for items

This sections explains the search options available in the catalog.

working with search results

The search results page may appear differently, depending on the content that your library has access to.

limiting search results

Limits are organized by fields (like Author, Format, Language, Subject, etc.). You can use limits to fine tune your search results.​

viewing item details

When you click on a search result title or image, a new window displays details for that item.

my account

using my account

My Account lets you view your checkouts, holds, and any fines you may have. You can also view your personal information, change your PIN, and set up your preferences.​

using my lists

When you find items in Searching that you want to keep and organize, you can save them in your My Lists. You can create and customize your lists, and you can print or email your lists.

placing holds

Many items in your library are available for holds.

select an action

The “Select an Action” menu is found on the search results page, on an item’s detail display, and in My Lists.