Friends of the Little Silver Library

Friends of the Little Silver Library Association

The Friends of the Library are a non-profit organization that raises money for library programs and improvements. They are a 501(c)3 organization, making donations tax-deductible.  They provide key funding for a range of programs and services, as well as any improvements the library may need.

In years past, the Friends have helped the library add the new addition onto the library, revamped the children’s room, purchased the new teen corner furniture, including the electrical powered sectional couch, big screen TV for future programs, display monitor by the entrance, and shelving end caps.

On a continual basis, the Friends supply any food or supplies needed for various programs or projects. The Friends have purchased and dedicated a display case to Marcia Craig, who served the library for 25 years.

Most recently the Friends provided a much needed make over of the staff  office, and provided the bench and display console in the vestibule. 

President: Peter Stuntebeck

Vice President: Jennifer Pardee

Secretary: Susan Wheeler

Treasurer: Al Doty

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